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Humanitarian Security Risk Management

At PMO Excellence, we are committed to providing cost-effective security risk management for all humanitarian organizations, regardless of size of operation, geographic scope or budget constraints. Our offerings cater to NGOs, IOs, Social Enterprises, and Corporate Enterprises engaged with humanitarian efforts. We provide tailored audits and assessments, interim-security managers, along with the development of robust security risk management systems in the field, and at HQ level aligned with the ISO3100K standard.

Our team at PMO Excellence comprises seasoned Humanitarian Advisors from diverse career backgrounds. Recognizing the challenges posed by budgetary constraints, organizational dynamics, and the unique difficulties faced on the ground, we deliver security advice that is not only relevant but exceptionally applicable to the specific contexts in which your organization operates.


Auditing and Assessments

An audit and/or assessment can be a routine practice to evaluate where your organisation's security currently stands or a new initiative to increase your preparedness to evolving trends, in both instances, we find that this form of consultancy often reveals the need for new security practices and policies.


Our goal, as is yours, is to improve the safety and security posture of your organisation; and critically, to maximise the safety of your staff in areas where security threats are present. 

Areas in which we have and are able to provide services to NGO's, IO's and private businesses include: Country/Area Risk Assessments, Security Framework auditing, SOP evaluations,  & Security Policy Reviewing. 

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Auditing and Assessments
SRM Building Through Handbook, Procedure, and Policy Development 

At PMO-SRM, we believe the core of any well founded security Risk Management System is anchored on having a well oiled mechanism, which is backed by a reputable school of thought (such as ISO3100K), the right individuals (not all of whom-need to have a security background), and the relevant internal documentation and guidelines to support decision makers both at HQ and in the field.


Through years of organisational experience, in addition to recent projects working with international organisations, PMO-SRM is actively supporting both humanitarian, social enterprises, and corporate organisations in developing their security risk management system.

Areas in which we have and are able to provide services to NGO's, IO's and private businesses include: Developing bespoke Risk Assessments tools & formats, Writing Security Risk Management Frameworks based on existing (or non-existent) policies , Provision of SOP's on a national, regional, and global level, in addition to developing Crisis Security Management tools. 

Handbook, Operating Procedure, and Policy Development 
Crisis Security Management

From the evacuation of Kabul in 2021 to multiple hostage situations, PMO-SRM has actively assisted in the management and post-incident phases of various crisis security management incidents and teams. However, It is our belief as PMO-SRM that mitigation and preparedness is the best form of crisis security management. As such, we provide an array of services relating to Crisis Security Management for NGO's, IO's and private businesses.


We provide one or two-day bespoke crisis security management workshops, developing contingency plans, procedures and policies, and providing on short notice and with immediate effect, crisis team management. 


For the last service, PMO-SRM has activity conducted in numerous "in play" crisis, and are on short notice able to second a crisis team adviser and/or leader. 

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Crisis Security Managment
Short-term, Part-time, and Interim Security Manager

At PMO-SRM, we firmly believe in making cost-effective security risk management accessible to all humanitarian organizations, irrespective of their budget or size. Our flexible offerings include short-term, part-time, and interim Security Managers, both at field level and at HQ. We boast a robust track record of providing this service in challenging locations like Afghanistan, Nigeria, Yemen, and Ukraine; since 2009, and at HQ level in The Hague, Belgium, and Paris. 


Our seasoned experts extend support across the entire spectrum of humanitarian security risk management. Whether it's policy formulation, auditing, overseeing day-to-day operations, or crisis security management, our dedicated in-house team is well-equipped and motivated to collaborate with your organization.


For a detailed overview of our past activities, refer to the provided links. Additionally, consider the option of training an in-house team of security focal points to adeptly handle such

Short-term, Part-time, and Interim Security Manager
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