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Enhancing Journalism Safety

In today's ever-evolving and volatile landscape, individuals reporting on armed conflict or other forms of violence often face significant risks and challenges, sometimes at great personal cost.

According to International Humanitarian Law (Article 4 A (4) of the Third Geneva Convention and Article 79 of Additional Protocol I), media professionals should receive adequate protection. However, this guarantee is no longer assured in many regions of the world. Furthermore, the risks extend beyond armed conflict, with media professionals increasingly becoming direct targets simply for covering the story.

PMO is committed to contributing to safeguarding press freedom. With our experience, we understand the unique challenges faced by journalists in today's world. That's why, since November 2023, we have been offering a range of specialized security services tailored to meet the needs of journalists, reporters, and other media professionals.

Our services include tailored security advice, risk assessments, incident response, and comprehensive training programs designed to equip journalists with the necessary skills and knowledge to mitigate risks and stay safe while on assignment.

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