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Humanitarian Security
Risk Management

From one-off security assessments to providing cost-effective security advisers, PMO Excellence provides a host of security management solutions for your organisation. 


Enhancing Journalism Safety

In today's rapidly changing and volatile landscape, journalists and media staff encounter distinct security hurdles while reporting from conflict zones, protests, and other high-risk areas. Since November 2023, we have been providing specialized security services to journalists, reporters, and media professionals.

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Humanitarian Security Trainings

Tailored to the International Humanitarian community (national NGO's INGO's and IO's), PMO Excellence provides a range of training solutions that are tailored to your organisation's needs, values, and mandate's. 

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Associated Humanitarian Solutions

Our expertise goes beyond traditional security measures, covering a range of solutions, including Protection and GBV (Gender-Based Violence) and MEAL assessments. We prioritize transparency, accountability, and ongoing learning.

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