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What we stand for as a Social Enterprise

At PMO Excellence, our commitment is to provide unparalleled security risk management advice that is accessible to every organization, irrespective of their budget constraints, geographic scope, or humanitarian mission.

To highlight our dedication to the humanitarian community, which we at at PMO-Excellence define as all International and National NGO's, IO's, Journalism Organisations, and other social enterprises engaging in humanitarian action; we showcase our company values:

Upholding Humanitarian Principles

At PMO Excellence, we are wholeheartedly invested and are firm believers in the humanitarian principles outlined by the the United Nations under AG 46/182, the Geneva Conventions, and the 2017 Singapore Declarations.  

Zero Tolerance to Discrimination

At PMO Excellence, we take zero tolerance stances towards discrimination and/or abuse based on gender, sexuality, race and faith; both internally and within the cultures of our client organisations. 

Your Culture, Your Needs

At PMO Excellence, we know first hand that every humanitarian organisation has its own culture, social norms, and ways of operating. We therefore adapt our advisories, tools, and procedures to the needs of your organisation. 

National staff first

At PMO Excellence, we believe that national staff are the backbone of the humanitarian community. For this reason, we advocate for their inclusion on all levels of improving operations within humanitarian organisation; from security management, mission evaluations, and GBV advisories. 

Security as an enabler

At PMO Excellence, we believe security should enable organisations, instead of acting as a constrainer. As such, we dedicate ourselves to finetuning solutions that work for the culture of each organisation we work with. 

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