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Although William, as the founder, is frequently mentioned, it's imperative to highlight that PMO's outstanding track record is the outcome of dedicated teamwork.

HEAT POLand.png

Participant HEAT in Poland:

This course was fantastic, offering practical tools and skills for Humanitarians who are responding to those in need throughout the world.  The course offered a methodical framework for a diverse multinational participant group to learn about potential hazards and threats and provided necessary skills to avoid or mage those hazards and threats. The combination of in class training followed by

realistic skills and scenario training offered each participant to practice and use the content being presented.

Aletta van der Woude, 

Director International department at Oxfam Novib (fmr):

William is a great expert in security management and advise. He is very reliable, quick and sharp. I have worked with him in my position as Director International department at Oxfam Novib. He provided excellent support and advise in very complicated security cases in Africa and Asia. He also organized a very good, interactive training in security management and preparedness for our crisisteam. William is the right person if you look for security management support and advise!

Oxfam Novib.jpg

INGO Director Risk & Compliance, Concerning Crisis Management in Afghanistan:

Dear William,

I want to express my thanks for all the hard work over the last couple of months. Your stay in Afghanistan has been very hectic and I am very grateful for how you have handled the various situations we have faced over the period you have been there.

Looking forward working with you again.

Danish Refugee Council, Borno State Program Coordinator

Concerning Security Awareness Training, Maiduguri Nigeria:


On behalf of the distribution team that attended the safety training on Friday, facilitated by William, I would like to thank the management for organizing such an educative training which is timely in light of the recent security developments in and around Maiduguri. William’s presentation was exceptional, thought provoking and realistic in its entirety. What we witnessed on the training day was a safety advisor at his best. To me personally, it is one of the best trainings I have ever had since joining the humanitarian community.

23 nigeria.jpg
Iraq 2011.jpg

Mission East, Head of Programme Support, 

Concerning Operational and Security Management, Iraq:


William is a consummate and passionate operational manager and security advisor. William understands complex project situations and is able to creatively solve the operational issues in a simple, engaging manner. For the whole project group, William was a statesman: a thorough professional, an excellent listener, and always seeking the common ground. He is a collaborative teamplayer, and can be relied upon to lead multi-functional projects diligently and through example. 

Head Of Programmes, INGO Nigeria:


I just wanted to write to thank you for the comprehensive report and the security advises. I already spoke with the HQ about the importance of having security-related training to our national staff in Maiduguri. I hope to have you back sometime soon!


HEAT PL2.png

Participant HEAT Poland:


Course was well tailored to the exact needs of the participants, very practical and engaging as all of the information was so useful. Future trainings should be organised in the same way ie: specific to the context, I don ́t think anything more could be fit into our 3 days but it was more the fact that non relevant things were taken out and new things were added…


Participant HEAT Lebanon:


The training was truly enjoyable and varied! Being aware of what is around you and what kind of environment you’re in, is highly important. For example, in a country like Lebanon, which is home to us, we tend to bring our guard down and our awareness is low – it’s good to have a wake-up call and so this training definitely provided this!



LebanonHEAT 2.jpg

Participant HIIL, Basic Security Awareness training:


Dear William, thank you! It makes a huge difference being trained by security experts in the room, as opposed to following an online training program, scoring enough marks for a pass grade and then printing a certificate. The interaction with the trainers and in group work allowed participants to immediately apply the training received, and double check anything not clearly understood. Thank you for creating a safe space for everyone in the room to participate, as this went a long way towards putting colleagues at ease with an otherwise "heavy" topic.

Safety & Security Manager INGO - Ukraine Response:


I am pleased to share that we had highly positive feedback from all five participants who attended the HEAT training on October 17-19. (2022)

Thanks again for your flexibility and responsiveness as we seek to respond to a dynamic and deteriorating security environment here in Ukraine.


UKR woods.png

Participant HEAT in Lebanon:


The most useful aspect of the HEAT training were the exercises we were doing throughout our daily sessions with the trainers. Engaging the team by simulating real life scenarios was crucial as I felt it prepared us mentally and physically.

Participant HEAT in Lebanon

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