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Over the years, we have participated in numerous interviews discussing incidents and developments in which we were involved. Here is a small selection from both national and international broadcasters.


2021 Kabul Airlift

In September 2021, amid the peak of the Afghan crisis, Dutch national TV inquired about the challenges we encountered in evacuating staff from Afghanistan.


2021 Kabul Airlift; Plan B

Following the suicide attack at Abbey Gate at the Kabul airport, which resulted in the closure of the airport and a halt to evacuations, a Dutch radio station sought my insights on the next steps for alternative evacuation efforts and the feasibility of such options

English transcript pending


2014 Terror Attack Kabul

On January 20, 2014, we were interviewed by NPR regarding the attack on Taverna du Liban in Kabul, where 23 people lost their lives, and our response to the incident.

BGGD Attack.png

2011 Bomb Attack Baghdad

In December 2011, shortly after my arrival, the office where I was stationed was destroyed by a bomb blast. The investigation indicated that this was likely a case of mistaken identity, serving as a somber reminder of the crucial importance of distinction.

Dutch, NO SUBTITLES (pending)

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