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About PMO Excellence


PMO Excellence is a dedicated social enterprise committed to addressing the multifaceted challenges of health, safety, and security for humanitarian organizations and social enterprises operating on the global stage. Instead of isolating health, safety, and security concerns, we adopt a holistic approach. We recognize that the challenges we are consulted for often extend beyond their initial scope, reaching into project dynamics and management. Therefore, we prefer to frame our work as providing comprehensive humanitarian solutions, acknowledging the broader context in which we operate.


Our Founder


At the helm of PMO Excellence for more than a decade is William van Heerden, a registered independent humanitarian safety and security consultant since 2009. During this time, our consultancy services have made a difference in over 53 countries, spanning the globe. With a solid foundation of over 25 years of experience in the humanitarian sector, William has played diverse roles, gaining invaluable insights into the unique challenges faced by our partners.




PMO Excellence strives to combine years of expertise with the most recent developments in both project and security management. We are proud to have a young but extremely dedicated team with the right background, encompassing both studies and experience, to provide you with the best of both worlds.


Our Guiding Principles


Our approach is built upon principles of personalization, competitive pricing, integrity, and a deep well of global expertise. We understand that establishing and maintaining a robust security management system can be demanding and complex. Specific elements may require external guidance. PMO Excellence is known for developing tailored solutions designed to suit unique needs, transparent pricing structures, and a firm commitment to confidentiality.

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